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Logitech Pebble i345 Mouse takes your iPad to higher places with a level of precision and control you can't get with a tablet alone. SLIM. LIGHT. PORTABLE. It's compact, light, and easy just like your iPad. Slip Logitech Pebble i345 in your bag or drop it in your pocket. Take it to a poolside lounge, cafe table, or airplane, and say "hello" to your new mobile office. WORKS ON MULTIPLE SURFACES - Logitech Pebble i345 tracks fast and accurately whether you use it on a table at your favorite coffee shop or directly on your bed covers. BEAUTIFUL DESIGN - Just like an iPad, Logitech Pebble i345 is sleek and streamlined. With round corners, clean lines, and modern colors, it is the perfect match to iPad and looks great in any setup. FEELS GREAT IN YOUR HAND -Logitech Pebble i345 is extra slim and fits naturally in the palm of your hand. Soft, rounded sides are so smooth and comfortable, you?ll never want to let it go. MULTIPLE COLORS - Choose Logitech Pebble i345 in white or graphite to perfectly match the rest of your accessories. EASY SETUP WITH BLUETOOTH Connect with energy-efficient Bluetooth LE for a reliable connection you can count on up to a 10 m range. (Note: Wireless range may vary based on environmental and computing conditions.) SILENT - Work in a cafe, library, or even a crowded train without disturbing anyone around you. You?ll get the same click feel you love, but make about 90 percent less noise.(Note: Sound level comparison between Logitech Pebble and Logitech M170. Left click dBA measured by an independent lab at 1m. Even the wide rubber scroll wheel glides in silence.) LONG-LASTING 18-MONTH BATTERY - 18-month battery life means you don?t have to worry about losing power. Logitech Pebble i345 automatically goes into battery-saving sleep mode when you?re taking a break. (Note: Batteries included)