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Optimize video output for any display. Frequently the graphics card in one of your source devices can't read the top resolution supported by an attached display. For example there may be a KVM switch in between the source and the display.In that case it will output video at a default or native resolution that could be lower than what the display is capable of. In a PC you could go into the video settings table and change the video output to match the display if you even know this information. But that's not exactly a plug-and-play solution. This is where the value of a device that supports EDID comes in. EDID provides for optimal source-to-screen performance. EDID will optimize the video card output for the capabilities of the end display. The EDID ghost unit enables the copying emulating cloning and "learning" of EDID data from a display. The unit works with a variety of devices such as Blu-ray DVD players game consoles HD set-top boxes LCD displays and digital TVs.