Creative ZEN Hybrid (White)

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Creative Zen Hybrid Wireless Over-ear Headphones with Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation Find your gateway to serenity and personal privacy with the Creative Zen Hybrid! Featuring Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation that adopts both the feedforward and feedback ANC systems, and Ambient Mode that lets in just the appropriate amount of ambient sound so you stay alert about the happenings around you; get your much needed reprieve as and when you need them. Even with ANC on, power through your entire day with a long-lasting battery life of up to 27 hours. This pair of over-ear headphones is also the perfect combination of versatility and performance?wireless or wired, outdoors or indoors?and fitted with a noise-cancelling microphone that can handle any impromptu calls, wherever you are. Crafted from high-quality materials including a reinforced steel inner core, 40 mm Neodymium drivers, and physical button controls on the headphones itself, Creative Zen Hybrid is designed with durability and aesthetics in mind to complement your everyday activities. With Creative Zen Hybrid, you can always find your zen. HYBRID ANC AND AMBIENT MODE -Cancel up to 95% of ambient noises with Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation, a combined technology of feedforward and feedback ANC techniques which uses a total of 4 mics that work in tandem to pick up surrounding noise and cancel them out. Switch quickly to Ambient Mode via the ANC button on the right earcup and let in outside sound to be more aware of your environment, like public announcements at train stations, or even a short chat on your coffee run 27 HOURS WITH ANC ON, WIRELESS AND WIRED MODES -Comes with a long-lasting battery life of up to 27 hours with ANC on (37 hours with ANC off) and recharge via the included USB-C cable. A quick 5-minute charge also provides for 5 hours of listening. Choose between wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with AAC audio codec to free up your movement or wired mode via 3.5 mm analog jack for an intense FPS gaming experience BUILT-IN NOISE-CANCELLING MIC AND VOICE ASSISTANTS -Creative Zen Hybrid features a built-in noise-cancelling microphone that picks up your voice over the noise to be heard clearer by others on the line. Your voice also gets picked up easily via Siri or Google Assistant, making it a breeze to command the headphones without reaching for your phone. Coupled with ANC on, you will also be able to hear the caller much clearer than any generic headphones GREAT ACOUSTICS WITH GREAT CONVENIENCE -Custom-tuned by our very own acoustic engineers, the dual 40 mm full-range Neodymium drivers promise high-quality sound, from accurate bass with a warm sound signature to crisp, clean highs. The necessary controls are located on the right earcup so they are easy to access--answer a call, make a quick command via voice assistants, or adjust your playback volumes, directly on Creative Zen Hybrid MADE TO TRAVEL, DESIGNED FOR COMFORT -There are three ways for storage--flat fold, half fold, and compact fold--portable to store in your laptop carrying case or hand carry on the plane. From plush ear cushions, padded headband, to 90 swivel earcups, it is designed to last. It features reinforced steel inner core that forms the backbone of the headphones with optimal acoustic seal, and is built with extra plush synthetic leatherette that fits comfortably even after extended hours of listening